Frequently Asked Questions

Saint Charles Borromeo

Who was St. Charles Borromeo?
St Charles was born in his father's castle of Arona in 1538. His family were the prestigious Borromeo's of Milan. Because his family was well connected in both political and religious circles, Charles became the Archbishop of Milan at a young age. He never allowed wealth or status to deter him from being a true servant. He was one of the few religious leaders to remain in Milan when the plague hit, serving and caring for the dying. He worked for reform in the church, and when he died in 1584, the city of Milan knew they had lost a saint. St. Charles Borromeo is the patron saint of Pope John Paul II, whose baptism name is Charles (Karol). His feast is November 4th.

How do we arrange for Baptism?
Baptisms are by appointment.  A Baptismal preparation class for parents and godparents is required.  Parents should contact the rectory (401-766-0176) or e-mail as soon as possible after the baby's birth.

My daughter/son just got engaged and they want to be married at St. Charles. What is the next step?
Couples planning to be married should try contact the church at least six months in advance of the wedding.

Someone in my home is unable to attend Sunday mass because of disability or illness. How can he/she receive communion?
If you are unable to attend Mass please call the rectory to arrange for Communion to be brought to you.

What about care of the sick/last rites?
Call anytime for serious illness.

I've attended mass at St. Charles and am interested in becoming a parishoner. What should I do next?
WELCOME! Please call the rectory (401-766-0176) or e-mail as soon as possible.