Parish Life Photos

A sampling through the years...

Final Parish Dinner

Sunday, December 15, 2019. Thanks to all those that helped!

Church Tour with Fr. Upton

Sunday, December 1, 2019. It was very well attended.

Fr. Reardon's Retirement Dinner

There was a retirement dinner in the All-Saints Church Hall following the 4:00 p.m. Mass on October 27, 2018, honoring Father Reardon after many years of service to the Providence Diocese.

Fr. Finnegan & Fr. Bruce's Celebration

We had a "Farewell Celebration" in the Church Hall following the 9:00 a.m. Mass on June 19, 2016, honoring Father Finnegan and Father Bruce, who will leave us at the end of this month after many years of service.

Fallen Tower Finial

A powerful thunderstorm swept thorugh Northern Rhode Island the evening of Monday, July 30, 2007.

Apparently, in the wee hours Tuesday morning, one of the four highests point on the church tower (called a finial) was struck by lightning and then plummetted to the concrete patio below.

Fr. Finnegan writes: "But what was the decoration itself of the finial? Fr. St-Godard from Holy Family Parish insists that it was a fleur de lis. My question was what would such a French decoration be doing on top of an Irish church. You can imagine his answer... 'Even the Irish could recognize a good thing when they saw it.' (Or something to that effect.) Someone else has suggested that the decoration was a ram's head. So the question remains unanswered. But we can thank God that this finial, whatever it represented, did not fall within the church and take out a good part of it on its way down. We can also be thankful for the fact that when it fell outside the church, no one was in its way. If it could break through the pavement, you can imagine what it would have done to a human being. So, in all, we are thankful for the unseriousness of this accident."

The patio was repaired, and the finial replaced with a different material.

Class of 1952 Reunion

2011 Parish Bazaar

World Marriage Day 2006

Providence Children's Museum

THis is part of the exhibit at the Providence Children's Museum!

Memorial Day Mass

Every year, on Memorial Day, we hold at Mass at the cemetery.

Confirmation 2002

Confirmation 2001

First Communion 2002

First Communion 2001

Halloween/All Saints Mass/Party

Our Lady of Victories All Saint's Day 2000 Mass

Our Lady of Victories Christmas Concert 2000